Digital Storytelling: writing

On SlideShare my slides for the first part of my course on Digital Storytelling I’m teaching at Master in Multimedia Content Design at the University of Florence.


Home made online marketing requires …

How much time does home made online marketing requires to launch a software product / service? Out of 100 developers creating games, web services, iPhone apps and so on…


Extreme usability examples

I’ve been thinking about what I could be called the drive towards “extreme usability”. Examples follow. Writing iA Writer   UI Mockups Balsamiq   Sketchupping Google SketchUp   Blogging Tumblr   War board games Memoir ‘44   Sims like games Zynga   Yes, aware that not in all circumstances it is an improvement. More? Tweet … Continue reading

A first study on game monetization via virtual items

I’ve published a first study on game monetization via virtual items on Gamamoto here:


A first point in my research on narrative and video games

In this post I try to summarize my ongoing research on narrative techniques and video games.


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